While on the cusp of completing GIS’ MSc Football Communications & Digital Marketing programme, Maria Hasler secured a full-time role at international sports media outlet DAZN, working within their Global Partner Marketing team.

Overseeing partnerships with the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon, “the big dogs” as she calls them, Maria is responsible for ensuring that these are effectively marketed through DAZN’s global rights, including the Premier League, the Champions League and the NFL.

Beginning the job while still studying at GIS, Maria cites the work experience gained during her Master’s degree as crucial for getting her foot in the door at the company.

She explained: “I had a lot of work experience that I gained during my time at GIS; I joined a charity called Bloomsbury Football, where I was heading the partnerships department. I did deals with Nike and spoke to a lot of stakeholders within the sports industry. That was valuable experience that I then showcased in the interview process, and that’s how I secured the role at DAZN.”  

Played football for her native Austria, securing a full scholarship to the US for her undergraduate degree, Maria’s playing career was cut short by a devastating injury in 2019. She was, however, adamant that she would remain working in sport – if not on the pitch then in the media department.

This seems to be a decision Maria doesn’t regret. She finished: “The pace of the sports industry is incredible - I think it’s like no other industry. The way it unites people across the world - even if you speak different languages, sport is like a unique language where everyone can communicate with each other.”