One of UCFB’s alumni recently held a webinar to current students on coaching opportunities in Canada, where he is CEO of his own coaching business.

Jordan Clements, an International Football Business graduate, has shown how far his degree has taken him by returning to UCFB to talk to students about his career and opportunities that lie on the other side of the Atlantic.

Speaking of his time at university, Jordan said: “I loved my time at UCFB, one of my highlights was being involved in the Student Union and helping the engagement of students outside of their course.

“The International Football Business course was an integral part to me understanding how different countries operate and understanding key business operations of clubs and organisations.

“It was able to give me a head start in the workplace as I had built the network and had the knowledge from my course.”

During his time at UCFB, Jordan won the UCFB Entrepreneurial Award with Revolution Soccer in 2019. He is now CEO of Revolution Soccer Canada, which coaches more than 7,000 players per week during the summer season.

Revolution helps local soccer clubs with recreational training programs, and have currently partnered with ten clubs in the Niagara Region in Canada. 

Revolution Soccer Canada

Jordan added: “Coming to UCFB I already had a coaching background, through local clubs and I wanted to expand my area of expertise because I had a burning passion for business.

“The main reason I landed in Canada was a coincidence; My uncle, who I had never met before, lived in Canada and on a summer trip there I instantly fell in love with the country, and the people.

“After two days, I knew that I was destined to move and live my life in Canada. Then after a couple of months I had a business idea and started putting it into motion.”

He finished: “Follow a path that makes you the happiest and a career that you would do for free.

“My final words would be utilize the staff and different opportunities that UCFB have to offer, keep asking the right questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes or ask for help.”