Globally renowned for the ‘Big Four’, America’s top sports venues embody the diversity and dynamism of the nation’s epic sporting landscape. From historic grounds that have weaved their way into the fabric of the game to modern pitches with towering video screens, UCFB’s Hollie Earlam has selected the USA’s best venues that span across different sports, states and societies…

Madison Square Garden, New York

Widely regarded as the world’s most famous sporting arena, it’s impossible to envisage New York’s electric sports scene without this iconic stadium. The oldest sporting facility in the state, and the oldest arena in the NBA and the NHL, the Garden has become a landmark in its own right – despite being the fourth venue to bear this iconic name, the first dating back to 1879.

Hosting a sensational range of sport and entertainment, from professional ice hockey and basketball to ice shows and circuses, as well as the likes of Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Taylor Swift, the Garden is as rich in history as it is steeped in the sporting battles of today.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

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One of the most technologically-advanced stadiums in the world, this 75,000 capacity arena is home to one of the most memorable Olympic Games in history, and cost a staggering $1.6bn to build. Famed for transforming the fan experience, including free refills for non-alcoholic drinks, a unique retractable roof and the iconic Halo Board, a 63,000 square foot video screen, the stadium provides quite the spectacle for the audience, regardless of what happens on the pitch that day.

Home of former MLS Cup Champions Atlanta United and NFL team Atlanta Falcons, this phenomenal arena is also one of Global Institute of Sport’s (GIS) global hubs, where students from the UK and beyond can immerse themselves in the international sporting scene and network with industry experts.

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Still recognised in its original name by most, Staples Arena, this LA hotspot embodies the USA’s commitment to blurring the boundaries between live sport and entertainment. Home to the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL and the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, as well as the Grammy Awards and an annual New Year’s Eve party, you don’t need a love of sport to step foot inside this breath-taking venue.

Hosting an astounding 250 events and nearly four million guests every year, the Crypto Arena now pays tribute to Lakers legend Kobe Bryant in everything it does, after it became an integral part of the decision to honour the basketball hero by renaming its street Kobe Bryant Boulevard.

Fenway Park

The oldest active ballpark in the MLB, Fenway is synonymous with the team who have played there for 110 years and counting, the Boston Red Sox. Standing at the heart of the Boston community, the venue’s modest capacity – just shy of 38,000 – creates a unique intimacy within the nation’s biggest sport, and fans are renowned for their unwavering devotion.

But it’s not just the atmosphere that gives Fenway its undeniable character – the ballpark has a series of quirky features, including a bright yellow pole which overlooks the pitch, paying tribute to one of the Red Sox’s great lates, Johnny Pesky, alongside a towering wall known fondly as the Green Monster. The park’s vibrant eccentricity and rich connections to the World Series, having hosted 11, make it an unmissable spot for those who find themselves on the East Coast.

Red Bull Arena, New York

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Home to the MLS’ New York Red Bulls, the Arena sits at the heart of one of the ultimate sporting cities. With MLB sides the Yankees and Mets, NBA teams Nets and Knicks, the NFL's Giants and Jets, and fellow MLS club New York City FC all in close proximity, it’s impossible not to get swept up in the fiery pit of passion.

The Arena is also one of GIS’ global hubs, enabling students to engage with leading industry figures as well as experience the cultural phenomenon’s that are New York’s iconic sports teams.

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Lambeau Field, Wisconsin

Renamed in memory of the Green Bay Packers’ founder, player and legendary coach Curly Lambeau in 1965, the stadium is as synonymous with this NFL team as fish is with chips. The only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the US, Green Bay Packers are an internationally adored team and Lambeau Field, which has been its home since 1957, is an integral part of the club’s identity.

The oldest continually operating NFL stadium, Lambeau Field may not be the cutting edge of modern technology like many other venues on this list, but it represents sport at its absolute best: community-minded, fiercely loyal and embodying more than sheer victory and profit.

AT&T Stadium

Renowned for its multi-purpose use, from wrestling matches to rodeos and Spartan races, the AT&T Stadium is a hotbed of entertainment for the quirky culture and tastes of Texas.

With a capacity of up to 100,000, the stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys and has the biggest crowd of any NFL team. With sensational video screens (the 34th biggest in the world) that ensures audiences have a panoramic view from any seat in the stadium, it’s a fan favourite that’s an admirable replacement for the legendary Texas Stadium.

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana

Home of former Super Bowl Champions Indianapolis Colts, the stadium is the epicentre of the tight-knit, working-class community that it represents, who in return fill its walls with roaring cheers and venomous emotion.

Its retractable roof, and revolutionary field turf blends this deeply entrenched cultural heritage with modern technological advancements, providing the perfect entertainment base for its 70,000 audience capacity and beyond.

US Bank Stadium, Minnesota

This futuristic architectural masterpiece is one of its kind, with a translucent roof that seems the obvious, overdue answer to the pervading question of how to handle dwindling light and rocky weather, as well as offering breath taking views of the city of Chicago that reflect upon the sheer glass.

Home to the Minnesota Vikings, the only NFL franchise to have won regular season and combined records but not a Super Bowl, the 73,000 capacity stadium is both loved and feared for its intimidating atmosphere and vocal audiences, which only add to the supreme spectacle.

Yankee Stadium, New York

Forever trying to break out of the shadows of the original Yankee Stadium, the replica has been in tact since 2009, and is one of the most internationally renowned stadiums of the US, transcending MLB just like the team it plays host to: the one and only New York Yankees.

Built using $1.2 billion dollars in public subsidies, the stadium is not without its fair share of controversy, but it remains part of the fabric of Baseball and New York culture, symbolising the city’s commitment to the sport and the sport’s commitment to the city.