Course overview

Elite Player Care in Sport has been designed to support industry professionals to enhance their practice with a multidisciplinary understanding of the subject.

The program has been developed to allow delegates to establish a theoretical and practical understanding of player care in sport, by engaging with elements of behavioural science, psychology, psychiatry, and social sciences, with the long-term goal of applying this knowledge across a variety of roles and contexts.

During their studies, delegates will be exposed to the latest research in the area, as well as a series of real-world scenarios and case studies, developed in conjunction with industry partners.

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This course is delivered in partnership with Premier Sports Network

Course outcomes

Designed to support a range of roles across elite sport including player care/liaison officers, team operations managers and coaches, by the end of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Develop a working definition of player care and display an awareness of the challenges that a career in elite sport can present.
  • Define mental health and understand the impacts of identity, injury and environment upon it.
  • Appreciate a range of critical moments in sport careers, including career transitions, and career exit, and demonstrate some understanding of appropriate strategies to manage these moments.

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Dr Richard Elliott
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Dr Alan Tonge
Academics UCFB Etihad Campus Dr Alan Tonge Lecturer in Sports Research
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Dr Tom Buck
Academics UCFB Etihad Campus Dr Tom Buck Lecturer in Sports Research
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Introduction to Player Care in Sport

In this first module, you’ll think critically about the concept of ‘player care’ and consider the demands that a career in elite sport places on players, the specific challenges that players can face, and some of the effects of these challenges, if they’re not managed effectively.

Mental Health and Sport

In this module you’ll be introduced to a range of different factors associated with mental health in elite sport. This will include studies of mental health and common mental disorders in the context of elite sport, identity issues and the psychological impact of injuries, and the influences of environment and culture.

Critical Moments in Sport Careers

In this module you’ll analyse the challenges presented at critical moments in sport careers. Adding to the currency of performance psychology and traditional mental skills training, the module will examine critical moments from an existential perspective and assess some of the ‘givens’ a player will have to face as they journey through their career. This will include studies of isolation, freedom, identity, and death (i.e. career exit).


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