Have you ever dreamt of living, studying and working in sport in the USA? The Global Institute of Sport (GIS) and Community Athletic Solutions (CAS) have partnered up to provide a fantastic experiential learning offering for you to make a start to your career in the United States of America ahead of the 2026 FIFA World Cup in the USA, Canada & Mexico. 

Through this exciting partnership, you will have the chance to study a GIS Master’s Degree, gain work experience through an internship with one of 500 youth clubs across the USA, with pay starting at $26k p.a.

This phenomenal opportunity is fantastic for those looking to further their career in one of the most exciting and developing sports markets in the world! Gain valuable experience in the USA and help to increase your employment possibilities. 

Eligible GIS Master’s degrees:

GIS’ wide range of Masters degrees, are designed for flexibility around industry experience. Delivered in a Distance Learning mode or Distance with Attendance mode which includes on campus workshops and assessments at our GIS Miami Campus.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact GIS Americas Recruitment Manager Rick Cross at r.cross@ucfb.ac.uk

Community Athletic Solutions has allowed me to experience a new country and culture, furthered my coaching experience and allowed me to advance my career far more than I ever anticipated. I would recommend CAS to anyone looking to experience the USA.

Kelly PeaurtCoach, Youth Soccer Club AYSO 300 in Chicago
Which courses are eligible for this opportunity?
  • MSc International Sports Management (Distance Learning) - January & September intakes
  • MSc Football Communications & Digital Marketing (Distance Learning) 
  • MSc Football Coaching & Analysis (Distance Learning w/Attendance) 
  • MSc Sports Coaching (Distance Learning w/Attendance)
Should I study part-time or full-time?

We strongly recommend that all students looking to engage in this opportunity undertake a part-time course. The benefits of this include: 

  • Balancing full-time work and study is linked with lessened grades and experience among our students in the past.  
  • Students are only able to achieve a visa whilst being enrolled on a course with an institution. As such this allows the ‘window for entry’ to be much wider as students can only commence with visa process once enrolled with GIS. 
  • We want you to get the most out of this experience as possible and also enjoy your time in the USA without experiencing burnout around your course, internship and personal life. 
When are the residentials scheduled to take place for the Distance with Attendance courses?

The next scheduled residentials are set for early 2025 at the GIS Miami Campus at DRV PNK Stadium.

What types of Accommodation will be available?

Throughout your time working within a club your accommodation will, in the vast majority of placements, be with either a:

  • Host family who is connected with the placement club  
  • Accommodation provided by the placement club in the local area often in the form of a shared apartment alongside other people associated with the club.
Will I need to hold any Coaching Qualifications?

It is expected that all students regardless of primary role in the placement club are to be involved in minor coaching positions as well. Therefore, in order to increase the likelihood of obtaining an ideal placement we strongly encourage students to complete the FA Introduction to Coaching Football qualification (formerly FA Coaching Badge 1) and/or demonstrate previous coaching experience at any level.

How much will I earn during my placement?

Students will earn a minimum of $26,000 USD* per annum. Students with more experience in their field are in a better position to earn more. 

*Subject to local state taxes  

What if I hold a US Passport?

For students who hold a US passport there is no need for a visa process. Timelines will be much shorter for US Passport Holders due to no visa process.

What if my visa is rejected?

In the unlikely event that your visa is rejected, we will look to revert you to the UK time zone delivery of the same course.

Whilst the placement provider CAS can initially screen you for a visa through the consultation process, there is never a 100% guarantee of a successful visa application. Regardless of the outcome of a student’s visa process, their academic course is unaffected.

How long is the placement process?

The placement process commenced once you have enrolled on your postgraduate programme Whilst every student's placement process is unique and individual and can follow different timelines, we recommend to expect 6-9 months for the placement process and subsequent visa approval. The steps post-enrolment involve: Placement consultation, placement interviews with host clubs, placement confirmation, visa application, visa interview, visa issue and travel.

When can I book my flights?

It is highly recommended to wait until you have achieved your visa to book your flights. Upon obtaining the visa, it is expected that you fly within the 4-weeks following.

Will I have to interview with the placement club?

Yes, it is typical that once a placement has been made through Community Athlete Solutions that a formality interview is to be held to ensure the placement is a good fit for all parties.

This work experience is as much about you finding the right fit for you to gain experience as well as the club finding you.

Can I change my placement if there is an issue?

In the unlikely event of a placement not being a perfect match and one involved party is unsatisfied then Community Athlete Solutions are in a position to assist with a transfer. Any and all changes will be subject to approval from the US Government and sponsoring agency in order to satisfy the terms of your US visa.

Can I choose where I am placed?

Students will engage in a collaborative placement process in which they will be presented and advised on a number of choices as to where to undertake their internship experience.

How long can I stay in the country after my placement has finished?

Most applicable visas allow students to remain in the USA for up to 30 days after placement completion.

There are opportunities, dependent on specific visas, in which students can extend their visa. This shall be discussed with host club and Community Athlete Solutions toward the end of a visa period.

Do I have to do a placement?

No, students are absolutely able to solely undertake the Academic program without undertaking a placement in tandem.

Are there discounts for UCFB Alumni?

Yes, UCFB Alumni benefit from a 15% Tuition Fee discount resulting in a Tuition Fee of $16,958 USD.

We also have a range of fantastic scholarship opportunities too!

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes, we are proud to offer an extensive suite of scholarships to support outstanding students as they embark on their postgraduate study. View our scholarships here

Besides the Tuition Fee are there any additional costs?
  • US Visa Processing Fee: $160 USD 
  • Flight costs
  • Living costs (such as food)

Health insurance and in-country transportation costs such as a car, are covered by the placement provider Community Athlete Solutions.

Can I utilise Student Finance for this opportunity?

For UK students, our courses are eligible for UK Postgraduate loans.

How can I find out more information?
  • To learn more please email the GIS Americas Recruitment Manager Rick Cross r.cross@ucfb.ac.uk  
  • Please check our events page for any upcoming events related to the opportunity
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